Beyond Seven Aloe

Beyond Seven Aloe condoms are a Japanese condom, lubricated with a special aloe enriched lubricant for her ultimate comfort and enjoyment. Aloe vera is one of the oldest known plants used for medicine in the world, as the Ancient Chinese and Egyptians would treat burns and wounds with it. Now, you and your partner can enjoy the comforting effects of Aloe vera, as these Beyond Seven Aloe condoms are coated with a generous Aloe enriched lubricant that Beyond Seven refers to as “Nature’s Soothing Secret.”

Beyond Seven Aloe condoms are male condoms featuring a unique aloe enriched lubricant with her comfort and pleasure in mind.

Beyond Seven Aloe Condoms Available in Retail Box of 12

Beyond Seven Aloe condoms are non-contoured natural latex condoms which have a reservoir tip, a hearty dose of aloe lubricant (approximately 4x the amount of lubricant found in most condoms) and are tinted green.

Beyond Seven Aloe condoms are manufactured by Okamoto, who also makes Crown brand condoms.

In addition this Aloe condom by Beyond Seven, we have a huge selection of Beyond Seven condoms in stock for less. Condom Depot proudly carries a wide variety of Beyond Seven products (made by Japanese condom leader Okamoto Condoms) as part of our dedication to being your one stop shop for affordable safe sex products. If this Aloe condom sounds up your alley, be sure to check out Blossom Organics Lubricant, one of our Staff’s favorite lubes which is made of pure Organic Aloe.
Beyond Seven Aloe

Condom Specs

  • Length: 7.87" or 199.89mm
  • Width: 2" or 50.8mm
  • Diameter: 1.27" or 32.26mm
  • Circumference: 4" or 101.6mm
  • Lubrication: Aloe Based
  • Material: Sheerlon (Latex)
  • Features: Aloe Lubricant

Condom Shape

Beyond Seven Aloe

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18 Reviews

Jon - Florida

Good lubrication, but kind of tight which makes them not very comfortable.

Will - Brownsville, TX

The lubrication is perfect. Something in the condom makes her feel better

Eric H. - Ohio

These are the best condoms I've used. Very thin and the feeling is great! I've used Trojan, Crown, Durex and everything else in the samplers, hard to find such a sleeker rubber.

Kari - Kansas City

My boyfriend really liked this one. It wasn't too tight and the lubrication was slick but not too slick, though it it might dry out a bit quick for some people so keeping lube around might be a good idea.

Sarah - Washington

We bought the Best of 2007 and the 100 pack variety pack and this condom was by far our favorite

Shimmy - New York, NY

I am a HUGE fan of Crown & Beyond Seven Studded condoms, so i was more than happy to give these a try. All the "bareback" feeling Okamoto condoms are famous, plus extra lubrication (from natural aloe, no less!). And, as for durability & reliability, not once have we had an Okamoto condom slip off or break!

Susan - Phoenix, Arizona

These are the best condoms my husband and i have used! They have great lubrication and are super thin. They are especially great if you have sensitive skin like me! Try them out, you will love them!

Lydia - Portland, Oregon

These are designed for a smaller penis! They break very easily on average, to larger men! And these taste TERRIBLE!!

JR - Somerville MA

My boyfriend & I love them! The tight fit is great for a slim man, we love how thin they are, and the aloe really adds something!

Nicolai - Montreal, QC

There must be something more than just the aloe, because these are a notch above the already excellent other Beyond Seven condoms. Good lube and great feel.

Jason - Wisconsin

These condoms are excellent! A little on the tight side, but the snug fit and ultra thin material work together to maximize sensation. The extra lube on these is also great for her comfort. They slip right in.

phillip - ft worth tx

The aloe lube on these is pretty thick so you slide in easily, and she seems to like it a little better. I like them also due to their thinness. On the downside, the lube dries out fairly quickly and they're tight. Good overall though if you're not too wide.

William - Corpus Christi, Texas

I bought a 12 pack of these condoms and when I open them and try to put it on, they wouldn't roll down because the rubber was stuck and no matter what I tried it would not roll down far enough. It was kind of bummer to have to rip open another one only to find that the next one did the same thing.

Samboo - Waverly, TN

Aloe was a bad idea. Original Beyond Seven are great but these were not for me and wife.

Taylor - Ct

These things sucked. Got them in one of the Japanese condoms tins. First I had trouble rolling it on and then it dried out after less than a minute. Bad.

JS - T.O., CA

I first experienced these in the 2009 sample tin and my wife liked how the lube didn't irritate like some other brands did, so I purchased them in mass. I soon learned that every other time I tried to put one on, they wouldn't roll down correctly. They would constantly get stuck half way down and then promptly get thrown into the trash so that I could frantically attempt to put another one on. Once on, I have to admit that they felt pretty good for me, but unfortunately most of the lube would be rubbed off during my fight to get it on, and would then irritate my wife, making my purchase for the non-irritating lube redundant. I would say stay away until the sticking issue is resolved.

Jay - Edmonton, AB

Way too tight and the aloe lube is terrible.
Go for the Crown Skinless Skin's.
Best condom out there.

Pablo - California

These are very good--the only thing is that they're a little hard to put on because of the extra slippery lube and the way they're rolled.

Beyond Seven Condoms by Okamoto are one of the leading manufacturers of condoms in the world. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing processes enable them to make a thinner, Stronger, and Silky Soft condom for a sensuous natural experience.

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