Orgasm in Under a Minute! We are not kidding you on that!

Recommended by Dr. Laura Berman,  a Sex Educator and Therapist. Like the Aphrodite (featured on Oprah Winfrey) the Acuvibe is a strong, user-friendly vibrator. It's perfect for women who are just starting to explore self-stimulation. Many women prefer the contoured shape of the Human Touch AcuVibe to the Magic Wand, but both vibrators are of equal quality.?

No other product will blast your clitoris as powerfully as this new AcuVibe massager. Not even the fabled Hitachi Magic Wand will stimulate your clitoris as powerfully as this new AcuVibe massager. And best of all, it's cordless! 

The AcuVibe runs on electrical power with a built in battery that is rechargeable. Plug it in using its included Power Cord, or charge it up and use it without the power cord. Either way, you will be glad you did!

Powerful two-speed motor is vibration-damped and whisper-quiet. Choose from 4300 or 5700 vibrations per minute! Lightweight and compact size for amazing versatility. Cordless features: Integral, rechargeable NiCad batteries run up to 45 minutes on a single charge, over twice as long as other cordless massagers. Custom DC cord socket, use with OR without the cord!

Time On Fully Charged Battery is about 50 Minutes on low setting and 35 minutes on High Setting.

Charge Time is 8 Hours.

Acuvibe is not meant to be inserted into the vagina. It is designed for Clitoral Stimulation. Total Length - 11 inches

Powerful Choose from a potent 4300 vibrations per minute, or an even stronger 5700 vibrations per minute at the high setting.

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Non Returnable. Comes with a Manufacturer Warranty.

Product Has Been Discontinued

Product Specs

  • Made Of: Plastic
  • Length: 11" total
  • Noise Level: Quieter Noise Level: 5/10 Louder
  • Power Level: Gentle  Power Level: 10/10 Powerful
  • Powered By: Electric & Battery (comes with wall charger)

Product Shape

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17 Reviews



Kim Staff - T

The AcuVibe is a powerful, yet quiet vibrator for clitoral stimulation. Select from two speeds of powerful vibrations that will almost instantly make you climax. Use it with or without the cord for unlimited mobility. The AcuVibe is conveniently rechargeable and is very lightweight. Very effective in loosening up tension in the neck and shoulder area.

Don - Philadelphia, Pa

Oh my god!! This thing has my wife bouncing off the bed and that my friends is on low!! I can't wait to hit her with high!!

S. D. - Allentown, PA

first off, you guys always ship fast!

Second, I love this toy, it lives up to expectations, and it's quiet. (it's no louder than a vibrator I used to own with much less power.)

I never thought I could own a powerful vibrator that wouldn't also disturb the housemates!

Fay - Brea, California

Wonderful toy!. I bought mine as an upgrade from a quality battery toy that I had had a couple of years. The old one was loads of fun but the Acuvibe is something else. Its become as much a part of my morning as putting the coffee pot on.
Sure I could live without it but I wouldn't want to. Whats so good? Well it is really comfortable to use, with nice strong but difuse vibrations that could have been, and maybe were designed for intimate play. It runs when plugged in and when no outlet is to hand so it doesn't tie you down to the same old locations. And the one minute to orgasm claim is about right, if you want it to be, though to get the best from it takes a little longer. What could be better? Quieter would be nice and as the battery ages it doesn't hold its charge so well but it cannot be replaced as far as I know. Conclusion? Get one, if its the only this you treat yourself to this year.

Jolene - Glenview, IL

I had been using the traditional battery operated vibrators in the past.  I was always looking for something new and exciting.  I always found that the batteries in the smaller vibrators would lose power just when I was getting close to orgasm.  I happened accross this work of art at a store one day while shopping and was curious about how it would feel.  I bought it... despite my utter embarrassment at the counter...  brought it home and plugged it in for a good charge.   I couldn't believe how wonderful this vibrator is!!!!  I would give it a 10 out of 10 stars.   There is nothing that even compares to this vibrator.   My husband prefers the "rabbit" style vibrators that look sexy but trust me ladies... if you want something that will get you off... this is it!  100% Guaranteed.  The best out there. 

Janet - Houston, TX

Really amazing!! I've used traditional ones in the past so was a little hesitant to buy this one. Let me just say that it was worth every penny. I reach climax in just a few minutes. I love my Rabbit but this one does the job in half the time. The vibrations are extremely intense and beat any other toy I've tried.

Monica - San Francisco, CA

Guys, if you really love your woman, buy her an AcuVibe today. I went to a massage therapist while I was under alot of stress. He massaged my whole body, but said that I could use some "extra" treatment. He brought out the AcuVibe and gradually put it near my crotch. I exploded with orgasms within 1 minute. It got me so turned on, that I made him **** me. Now I own my own Acuvibe and stress is no longer a problem! Several nights per week I sit in front of a large mirror and watch my beautiful naked body squirm in ecstacy. The large vibrating head looks like the tip of a giant penis.

L.F. - Las Vegas

OMG THIS IS THE BOMB!! You'll cum so hard your eyes won't focus! I first met this tool when I had a pedicure in a nail salon. When they got to the part where they massaged your calves and feet they brought this out and I knew then that I was in love. It is cordless, powerful and if you don't come with vibrator then I 'd say you are missing your brain somewhere! Because this gets me off so hard that I need both hands to find my brains that were just f**ked out of my head! I can squirt too and there's so much juice when you come with this nifty toy that you'll just about drown anyone who dares to use their tongue and mouth on you while your using this tittilating take me there tool! Don't dream about it, do it!

Kay - Bergen County,New Jersey

It is quite powerful,but extremely loud. If you want to be discreet this isn't the best product.

SDM - Florence, SC

This is a very good, multi-purpose toy which can be used by both men and women. If this doesn't get you off, make an appointment with your doctor, there's a problem! The only trouble I have had with mine in the two years I have used it is that the ability to charge it no longer functions, I must have somehow worn it out. Still... it works better than any I have ever tried... give it a whirl, you will NOT be let down.

Lorraine - Kokomo, IN

This is THE one to buy. I can have a "quick fix" anytime. Money well spent.

Nika - El Dorado Hills, CA

What can I say? Everything I love about the Hitachi but wireless! I do tend to use it as a muscle massager more than as an intimate toy, but it's a great multi-taker like that.

Don - Philadelphia, PA

Oh my god!! This thing has my wife bouncing off the bed and that my friends is on low!! I can't wait to hit her with high!!

Shawn - LA, CA

I wanted to wait until xmas until giving this to my girl.. but i couldn't wait. She said she hasn't orgasmed that many times within 5 minutes ever.. 2 orgasms within 2.25 sec(i was timing) :) a complete therapeutic massage device.. for backs & clits.
thanks Spicy Gear!!

Nayna - CT

The power and speed is great. As for the head it is just too big for me. I wanted it for clitoral stimulation and it took FOREVER!! The head is way too big.

Donna - San Jose, CA

This vibe is definitely amazing! I do not orgasm easily but with this I can have my first one in under 30 seconds and then 5+ more! It is far superior to any battery powered vibe out there, and believe it or not, I like it better than the Sybian! This is a lot faster...and I only use it on low!