ONE Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms

Get closer than ever with the advanced technology of ONE Vanish Condoms. These ultra-smooth latex condoms give you the bareskin feel without sacrificing safety and protection. ONE uses the latest advancements in latex technology to give you a condom that is 35% thinner than normal condoms, but just as strong.

- 35% Thinner than our standard condom.
- Made with Sensatex Advanced Ultra-smooth Latex
- Premium lubricated for gliding comfort.
- Reservoir tip for additional protection
- Triple tested for safety and reliability.

ONE Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms are similar to Trojan Bareskin Condoms, but made with Sensatex instead of lamb skin. Both provide reliability and protection, with the feeling of skin on skin contact. Get intimate with ONE Vanish Condoms. Spend more than $25 and get free shipping.
ONE Vanish Hyper-Thin Condoms

Condom Specs

  • Flattened Width: 53mm (2.08")
  • Length: 180mm (7.08")
  • Lubricated: Yes. Silicone.
  • Resevoir Tip: Yes.

Condom Shape

Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you to find the correct condom style.

Shape Info

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